What is Right Box?

Right  Box is the service to declutter your home with unused gift items and give these gifts a second home.

How Does Right Box work?

Right Box helps you declutter by collecting your unused gift items. Right Box checks the pieces and offers you a minimal price for each acceptable item. Once you accept the offer, Right Box pays you through gift vouchers. Right Box then sells these items at a minimal price to another audience.

I do not want to be compensated. What do you do with that money?

We are always grateful to customers who choose to not take any money. This helps us set the price for selling to as low as Rs. 50 per item. You may also choose to offer your compensation to a charity.

I do not like the offer you have made. What is the next step for that?

If you do not like offer made by Right Box, you will be returned all your items. Right Box will charge you a delivery fee for the same.

How much do I need to pay for Right Box service?

Right Box service is free if there are more than 10 gift items. For lesser number of items we charge a pick up fee of Rs 299- Rs 499 depending on the location in the city.

How much money should I expect from each gift item?

Right Box puts a nominal price of Rs 100- Rs 250 per item. Some items like sets of candles, photo frames, medium size décor items are for Rs 100 while silver plated items and large décor pieces are for Rs 250. Handmade bags, potlis are collected at Rs 50.

I don’t have packaging box for my unused item? What should I do?

For items that originally come in boxes but if the boxes are missing, we reduce Rs. 100 from the payable amount.

I only have two items to give? Will you collect it?

Yes, we will collect it. We will charge a pick up service charge depending on the location.

What is Right Box Smart Sale?

Right Box Smart Sale is the sale of all unused gift items. They are organised at select locations for a day in Mumbai.

Can I buy from Right Box Smart Sale?

Yes. You can let us know that you would be interested in sale and we will keep you informed about the next sale through Whatsapp message.

Is Smart Sale hosted online?

No. Currently it is only conducted offline.

I do not live in Mumbai. Do you have service available in my city?

No, sorry to disappoint you but we are not offering the service in any other city.

What are the items I can put in Right Box?

  • Home décor, tableware, table linen, home linen, bath accessories etc
  • Fashion accessories like scarves, jewellery, bags, wallets
  • No- clothing, shoes
  • No consummables- chocolates, sweets, alcoholic drinks
  • No personalised gift items

Why do you put items on sale? Why can’t they be distributed for free?

Everyone has a desire to own beautiful things. When the price is made affordable, one can fulfill those desires. When an item is handed over as a giveaway, it hurts the self pride. By selling at minimal price, we make it affordable and empower the customers with decision making. Read our impact story.

Who is the founder of Right BOX?

Right Box is an idea of Vishakha Singh. She has designed the service and helps people find joy by decluttering on one side and by feeding dreams and desires on the other side. In her words, “Affordability is designed by the society. Nobody was born with limited dreams and desires but affordability changes that. Each one of us have the power to spread joy in some way or the other. Right Box bridges a tiny gap in affordability and desires and thus spreads cheer.”