Introducing RIGHT BOX – a service to give your unused gifts a second chance and say hello to happiness

Let me explain

While our friends pour their love in the gifts to us, some of these gifts come to our homes just to sit on our shelf. Lovely, unused, new gifts.

We may be emotionally attached to our gifts, but when not in use, they lose value and therespect they deserve.

RIGHT BOX finds them a home through the RIGHT BOX Smart Sale, a minimal price sale. These unused gifts at your place become useful in some other home. Think about it.

You would ask what do you get in return?

You get some cash/coupons, some goodwill from the receiver, some more shelf space and ofcourse peace of mind!

How does it work- 4 steps

1 Click to get Right Box

If you have more than five gift items sitting unused in your home, subscribe to RIGHT BOX service by filling up the form below on the website and the box gets delivered at your place at a time given by you.

2 Declutter. Put unused gifts in the box.

Declutter your closet, put your unused gifts in the box. Home decor, accessories and other gift items. No eatables, no beverages and no clothing please. For more on what we accept, visit FAQs.

3 Box pick up on scheduled time

Call us to collect your Right Box at a time suitable to you. Our representative will collect the box from your home at the scheduled time.

4 Price offer from Right Box.

After receiving your unused gifts, we check the products, offer you a minimal value and pay you through e-vouchers. If you do not like the offer, we send your gifts back to you at transport cost.

Images of some gifts received:

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Impact stories of your unused gift items:

The Right Box Impact story

The Right Box Impact story

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